Kids and cats and fake original Nintendo controllers don’t mix.

Well, at least that’s my experience.

Not much to write on this one, but the kids are rough on the controllers. I can’t blame them for that, it is hard not to jump to the right and drag the whole console with you when you are battling it out with Shredder and he tries the ol’ one-two combo move on your Ninja Turtle. Couple that with the new cat who seems to like to chew on the cord, and we had an epic failure of the cable. Essentially it broke at the controller, just where it goes through the strain relief boot.

So I took the controller apart and removed the old boot and a section of the cord. Then I soldered the wires back onto the board and made a knot in the cord around a screw post inside the controller to help as a deterrent from pulling the cord out and off of the board.

All in all the project only took a few minutes, but it was nice to brush up on my soldering skills.

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  1. I’ve had quite a few of these fail, right where the cord goes into the controller too. I don’t have soldering skills or tools so I just sent them to the e-waste dump and got more, I’m sorry. And there were no kids or cats involved, and I didn’t think I was treating them poorly; they are just weak, cheap toys.

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