After finishing my Android developer course, I decided to try to put my new found (fledgling) skills to use by making a game. It’s a classic side scroller with an arcade feel to it. The story line is pretty short and to the point: you are a captain of a space ship that must escape a tunnel buried beneath the surface of a collapsing planet.

As you pass each object in the tunnel, you gain speed. There are power ups and bonus points, all the usual suspects in arcade game play, so be sure to check it out in my “Homemade Apps” section, on the play store, or in my github (it is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source license.)

The background for the game was provided by the Quiet Learner ( ), the music is “Space Blockbuster” by Soulbringer ( ), and the graphics were modified from Dan Cook’s work which he released to the public ( ). It’s great when people share their work so others can build upon it or with it. The same applies for my work on this game, if you can use it, do!

Linux – keep it simple.

2 Replies to “Critical Velocity! A fun side scrolling arcade style game.”

  1. The game not run whit repliclant, the 100% free software version of android, do you can make it to run whit repliclant ? In repliclant isn’t hardware accelleration

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