Lately I’ve been amusing myself in my spare time by learning how to make a chess engine. I don’t want anyone to think that I came up with this on my own, I’m taking a tutorial through Youtube videos by a man called Logic Crazy. Be sure to check out the link for his tutorial, I’ve found it to be fun and informative!

Logic Crazy seems to have a website with several other variants of chess engines, as well as engines for a couple of different games. And that is also worthy of a good long look. For myself, I’m just trying to learn the basics of Java programming.

Logic Crazy’s design is for an actual Java program to be run on your computer. I on the other hand, am adapting it for an app to be used on an Android phone, which I’m hoping will be fun, but also a great learning experience. My free time is a little bit limited these days, but hopefully you’ll be seeing more posts about it soon.

Linux – keep it simple.

2 Replies to “Making an Android chess app….”

  1. Hey so wanted to know the current status? Were you finally able to adapt the code for Android App? Did you publish it to play store?

  2. Great question, yes, I did finish it and if you follow the threads you can find both of the chess apps I made. However, they are not good enough for the play store, so I put one on fdroid.

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