The beginner chess engine has a brand new repository so I can more accurately track issues. Before, it was a small part of a larger repository holding different programs, but I have so many issues that I wasn’t to track, that it became difficult to use in that manner.

So, I’ve opened a fresh repository for it:

Be sure to check it out and see all of the issues that I am tracking! Also, of you try it out, you are welcome to add issues as well.

Note: This beginner chess engine is just a simple chess engine that is programmed by a beginner (me), but also recognize that the goal is a drop in engine that is open source for other programmers to use to make their own chess games on Android (or perhaps other) devices.

With that in mind, the app is supposed to allow controls for the engine tester to try things out, and adjust settings for use in their projects. Not so much for the user to play chess, although I hope to make a chess playing app in the future as well.

Linux – keep it simple.

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