According to the Guinness World Records, the biggest playable chess set was made in Canada in 2009, with a king that was about 4 feet tall! Try moving that chunk of wood! Fortunately for me, moving these “wooden” chess pieces doesn’t require much by way of heavy lifting!


It isn’t exactly a walk in the park, either though. Making this game two player and movable was actually pretty simple:

public void moveablePiece (View view) {

    // Get the clicked squares tag to see what number it is.
    int number = Integer.parseInt(view.getTag().toString());
    String played;
    if (number < 10) {
        played = "0" + String.valueOf(number);
    } else {
        played = String.valueOf(number);

    if (firstClick) {

        String myMove = tryMove + played + String.valueOf(theBoard[number]);
        Log.i("WJH", myMove);
        moveOptions= terminal("availMoves,"+String.valueOf(wTurn));

        String[] separated = moveOptions.split(",");

        if (Arrays.asList(separated).contains(myMove)) {

            String query = terminal("myMove,"+myMove);
            Log.i("WJH", query);
            wTurn = !wTurn;

        tryMove = "";
        myMove = "";

    } else {

        tryMove = String.valueOf(theBoard[number]) + played;
        Log.i("WJH", tryMove);
        String query = terminal("pieceMoves,"+ String.valueOf(theBoard[number]) +
                "," + played);

} // End clicked piece.

But the problem that I have now is that the method I use to move the pieces doesn’t work well with the engine when it comes to castling, promoting, or en passant. So I may need to adjust the JustChessEngine to be more of a FEN style input/output. We’ll have to see.

Linux – keep it simple.

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