Two things that probably don’t sound like they go together. Unless, of course, you are making a video game where you play water drums and it is written in C++.


So far, there’s not much to this game. I’m really just getting started. While I don’t anticipate this game being a box office hit, I do hope that it will be fun. For the most part, this simple game is serving the purpose of allowing me to “double check” my C++ course skills.

While enrolled in the C++ basic game making course, both games were served with numerous examples of how to do each step. While I strove to make the games my own, there is always that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I am simply copying the instructors work. This app helps to circumvent that by allowing me to build this entire game from the ground up, without any real examples to draw from.

So, the premise of the game is that there will be two distinct modes that allow you to play with water drums:

  1. Free play mode – While in free play mode, you can simply use the mouse cursor to click on each drum and make noise. I’ve found five water drum sounds that were recorded by an open source artist, so I will map each of the sounds to each of the drums.
  2. Memory mode – My thought is that the game will give you a pattern, starting with just one drum, then two, and so on, reaching some seemingly infinite number. With each “round” you must repeat the pattern in the order it was shown to you. For each correct whack, you will gain points. For each completed pattern, you will gain points. For playing, you will gain points. Pretty much a lot of whacking, water drum sounds, and points!

If you don’t know what a water drum is, you can check it out on youtube or read up on it on Wikipedia. Thus far, all that the game entails is a hand and a couple graphically rendered drums of my own making, don’t laugh, the artwork is pretty bad. Either way, you can check out my repository on GitLab if you are interested in seeing it progress from the ground up!

Linux – keep it simple.

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