Last post I was really excited about granting picoEngine permission to make multi-ply moves. However, I came to realize that while it was considering the end result of multiple ply moves, it was still only making the current move based on a single ply decision.

So, in layman’s terms: It would sacrifice a queen for a pawn because of the immediate gain, even though it knows the queen is toast next turn.

Obviously, that’s not going to make a very good chess engine. Not only that, but resources are wasted calculating moves that have no bearing on the current decision. So, I reworked the multi-ply decision tree in my latest commit. Unfortunately, it is currently stuck at a ply of 2 while I sort this out. You are welcome to take a look at the commit while I continue to work on it.

For now, though, it considers the moves this turn, and the opponents move next turn, and then decides on the best coarse of action. However limited that may be.

Linux – keep it simple.

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