Today I released version 1.0 of picoEngine.

That’s right! My UCI compatible chess engine is now released as picoEngine version 1.0! You can view the tag on my GitLab. Now you too can download and compile picoEngine for yourself! It comes with a generic 64 bit version that I tested on Ubuntu 18.04 with both Arena and PyChess interfaces. Here’s the information on this release:

Version 1.0


  • UCI compatible engine!
  • Accepts both FEN and MovePos standard inputs.
  • Up to 8 ply weighted moves.
  • Has an optional random move mode for easy chess players.
  • Fast, even at 8 ply only takes a second on a modern 64 bit machine.
  • Light weight, it only takes 2 MB of ram to run this engine.
  • Small size, the (Linux 64 bit) compiled engine is only 364.2 KB in size.
  • Small source code, the entire source repository is less than 1.3 MB in size.
  • Can output moves and engine evaluation (only displayed by interfaces that support it).

I hope you enjoy it! If the prebuilt doesn’t work, just review the read me for simple compiling instructions, involving just one command. (I like to keep things simple.)

Linux – keep it simple.

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