At some point, everything will fail. And for my LG watch Urbane, fail it did. It wasn’t epic. Rather it was quiet. One morning, after it sat in the charger all night, it didn’t power on. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make it power on. Wiggling it around on the charger didn’t seem to help either.

So, I took it apart. Everything seemed in order, but the battery was dead. Using a regular cell phone battery with a few wires, I hot wired it and was able to start the watch. It would appear that the built in battery was just dead. The question was, though, has the battery failed, or the in watch charger circuit quit charging.

A few quick searches online taught me that I could buy a new battery for about $35, shipped to my house. But, I also noticed that for $50, I could just buy another used Urbane watch that was working. So, I decided for the later. In less than a week, I was wearing my new to me Urbane, as if nothing had ever happened.

Begs the question though, what about the old watch? I think I’ll tinker on it more later when I have some time. It’s hard to charge and check voltages because of the unique carrier/charge caddy you have to put it into in order to charge it. I’ll probably wire something in and see how it works then.

In the mean time, I’ll just wear my new to me watch!

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