Well, I finished the online YouTube tutorial by BornCG, which you can check out here. His tutorial is great and I learned a lot. I did make several changes along the way, and I used this as an opportunity to practice my work in Blender, making my own graphics for everything, as opposed to using the material he presented.

Code wise, it is the same game, but I did code several things differently, as I worked on expanding my knowledge of programming. An example would be the player ball rotation. In the tutorial, he shows how to use a variable and a set number to change the degrees to radii of the ball when it rotates.

However, This had several drawbacks. The first was that you needed to fiddle with it in relation to the variable of the ball’s speed. In other words, if you changed the speed of the ball, you would need to watch it move and guesstimate the change needed to the variable for rotation. Secondly, if you use his method, then when you stop pressing the arrow keys to move the ball, the ball stops rotating, but still “slides” until it comes to a stop.

To fix this, I changed the rendering of the ball rotation to be based off of vector speed. This makes the ball look very natural when it rolls. E.g., if it rolls forward, the degrees of roll looks naturally like the distance it is rolling over, and gives it a more realistic look. This also allows me to change the ball speed without having to adjust it’s degrees of roll. The best part, though, is when you release the arrow keys, and the ball is slowing to a stop, it now rolls, in accordance with it’s speed, slowing it’s roll as it slows to a halt in speed. It just look much more realistic.

I do believe that the author, BornCG knows how to do all this, and was just making a simpler tutorial for the viewers to follow. Or perhaps more specifically was trying to show the relationships of variables to those new to programming.

Other examples were just style points, adding timers and effects when you “die”, rather than the simple “cut to end screen” approach, and other such small things. Overall, the game mechanics and idea came from BornCG’s great tutorial. For a free resource that is widely available, I’d say this tutorial was a 5 star product, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to start using Godot. I found numerous 2D tutorials for Godot on YouTube, but this is one of the very few 3D tutorials for Godot. Certainly worthy of your time if you are looking to start using Godot.

That said, here are some great links for my game:

* Notes: I did not try the Windows executable, since I didn’t have a Windows machine to test it on. I did try out the Linux executable on two different Ubuntu machines (17 and 18). If you try the Linux executable, be sure to chmod a+x the file so you can run it. Also, if you try out any of the executable files, be sure to comment below how well they worked and what OS you tried them on!

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