I’m a bit new to the HAM radio scene. I’ve been playing around with it for a while, since I got my license back in 2018. For the most part I’ve been on the 2 meter band, and I decided it was time to step it up a notch and try some lower frequencies.

One item that helped push me in this direction was the availability of a TS-520 Kenwood radio that my brother has asked to store at my house. It needed a little bit of work, so I’ve been playing with it a bit, cleaning it up, and decided to try putting it on the air.

Of course, that would mean I need an antenna. So, I decided to purchase a 1:1 balun and set up my own dipole. I could put it out in the yard, we live on an acre and a half, and I’m not ashamed to be a HAM radio enthusiast, but I felt it would look nicer if it was a little more discrete. So, I put it in the attic.

The radio itself sits in the laundry room, with a wire that runs up the wall, outside through the old dryer vent (it used to be in a different spot), up the side of the house, and into the roof trusses to the attic area. Our house has a cold roof, so it is not heated and open air.

I made sure to follow the math rules for building it at a length (feet) = 468 / frequency (MHz), giving me a dipole at around 16.5 feet total. The kids helped me hold the wire while I cut it to length, and then I climbed up in the attic to string it up. My brother brought over his antenna analyzer which gave me a little less than 2:1 SWR on 28.4 MHz, which wasn’t perfect, but good enough to get started!

We did a receiving test while he was in the yard with his mobile unit, and I was able to pick him up. I still need a microphone, so I was not able to transmit a reply yet. But, more to follow!

Linux – keep it simple.

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