It’s been nice playing around with my brother’s TS-520, but I’d like to pick up a radio of my own. I was able to get a TS-820 from a local HAM who was able to help me out with not only a good deal, but extra microphones, an external VFO, and speakers as well!

The 820 did have a bit of an issue with the digital display. When I first started using it, it didn’t read anything, just a few dots. After a while of use, it would start reading, but only 19.000.0 and it was a bit hard to read. Well, after taking a stroll online, I found several people had issues with them over the years, and a few guidelines of things to check.

Fortunately for me, the easy fix was the best. I simply took the TS-820 case off, and removed all the connectors and cleaned them, putting them back into place. Praise God, this worked wonders on the display, and now it tracks with me when I turn the VFO!

I was able to hear a few locals on the 820, but I think I need a better antenna setup for listening on the lower frequencies. I also couldn’t be heard by anyone, so I’ll have to check into that!

Linux – keep it simple.

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